Making The Cloud Security Experience As Safe, Sound, And Secure As Possible

The chances are your organisation is adopting cloud computing in one way or another. Moving to the cloud can help you accelerate IT delivery, realize immediate productivity and financial efficiencies, and ultimately, drive business agility. But it can also open up the attack surface, leaving the entire organisation exposed to security threats. The adoption of […]

Cloud Security Fundamentals

There are many secrets about cloud security that should be clarified. One is that a lot of people think as soon as they put something for the cloud, they don’t have to worry about compliance with security. That’s completely incorrect. If you are a business, your client is looking for you to secure. Whether you […]

Check Point announces Cloudguard, complete network protection for the cloud

Group security Products New cloud preventing account capture and cyber attacks on SaaS applications and volume of work on cloud Check Point has announced the Cloudguard product line to protect businesses from Gene V’s network space attacks on applications and cloud infrastructure. Check Point also introduces businesses to protect Cloudguard SaaS against cyber attacks on […]

Firewalls in the cloud

Platforms and cloud computing services have come a long way over the past few years. In the year 2010, The Cloud Industry Forum (“CIF”) noticed that only 48% of organisations based in the UK were conscious of applying the CLOUD1 service. This figure is currently at 84%, with more than three (78%) users who use […]

How great data can soon help manage human relationships

Major data analysis has proven a great tool for many applications, from evaluating the ability to evaluate the Organization’s ability to determine optimal investment strategies. Unfortunately, a major obstacle that analyzes the client data has not been able to pass, even with all the advances in technology related to data in recent years, is managing […]

ISPs underestimate value of security, core demand for 71% of enterprises

There is a disconnect between how much enterprises care about Internet security and what service providers think these customers value according to a new survey by the Internet Society (IS). The survey showed 71 percent of respondents stating that security was a core value for their organisation. Asked about specific threats, enterprise respondents ranked traffic routing, interception, and hijacking […]

Tarte Cosmetics breach exposes nearly 2 million customers

Here’s one case where you might say the crime was worse than the cover-up. Make-up company Tarte Cosmetics exposed the personal information of nearly 2 million online customers after two of its online MongoDB databases were misconfigured for public access, according to researchers from MacKeeper’s Kromtech Security Center. Even worse, a known cybercriminal group dropped a ransom […]